Jack Software provides a wide range of web hosting options, from a simple static website hosting package right through to a multi-tiered architecture requiring high availabilty. Your website today is a much a part of your business identity as headed note paper used to be - ensuring it is always available and responds to the demands your customers place is seen by your customers as a measure of your business.

We appreciate that not everybody want's a website that is available 24*7 if the cost to enable that outweighs the benefits (are your customers really trying to find your number at 3am?) - so we take a frank discussion with you regarding your website. Can your business stand it to be unavailable and if so for how long - honestly. Based on that discussion we map your requirements to our services and can suggest the best package for you - you of course are free to choose - but at least you have the choice and understand any risks.

Below are some common questions we receive with regards to web hosting - contact us for more information or a free no obligation quote.

Common Questions

Q: OK – what is web hosting?

Ask most people about getting a website and they consider the design, what it needs to say and how it must work - yes that's important but ensuring that your customers and prospective customers can locate your business is equally important. Web Hosting is the term used to ensure your website is available for the general public to be able to locate it should they know your domain name (for example ours is www.jack-software.com).

Q: What are the factors of web hosting that impact me?

Ensuring you have a web hosting provider that offers a reliable and stable service (after all you want your customers to be able to find your website) is the most critical, but customer service should also be a factor. A large number of providers now provide self service options with technical support - whilst for most technical savvy users this will sufficient some users dont want to spend the time or energy trying to self support - especially when they can have a UK based named contact take care of everything (such as Jack Software). Cost of course is important - hosting for a basic website shouldnt be expensive and you should never be forced to pay for extras in a package that you will never use - negotiation is key here!.



We host all websites, mobile application backend's and application backend's on our Windows/Linux infrastructure - we automatically include taking regular copies, ensuring your site is available and a 24*7 team to contact in case of queries or questions.


Helping prospective customers find your site is another service we offer - through our SEO service we can help ensure your website is optimised to be found by the likes of google (when a customer searches google they generally use businesses from the first page) and provide additional support to ensure you remain there.

Full Service

We offer a one stop shop for all of your development, hosting and support needs. We also provide hosting and support only services where we haven't developed the website/application - you wont find better value and better customer service anywhere else - we promise!.