We can provide customised off-the-shelf games (adding your logo or images) through to truly bespoke games - the limit is your imagination. Earn income through in app purchases or advertising - or simply drive your brand awareness through a free game - for mass appeal a game is a must.


Remote and travelling employees will often be equipped with a mobile phone, providing an app to perform key tasks outside of the office increases productivity and reduces the damage to laptops used in unsuitable environments. Apps can be deployed to specific devices and secured for your use only.


Our in-house team have vast experience in getting the best from the Android OS - with lots of flavours (versions) and supported devices the un-prepared can sometimes come unstuck. Our customer centric approach ensures we listen to your needs and deliver 100% satisfaction.

Apple (iOS)

Our Apple team have years of experience in developing iOS applications - the reduced number of devices reduces some complexity but the development and deployment process can add some extra challenges as Apple grapple with ensuring App quality remains high - with us our Apps always pass the test.


Rising costs of employees increases the chances of lone working often at remote locations - we can provide a range of apps that help track employees, provide panic contact features but also support the employee whilst onsite to ensure they can perform their duties safely.


We find many creative customers who ask for app's to be developed based not on the other categories but on some specific requirement - we are always happy to oblige. Our process ensures that together we have considered the major usabilty factors as well as security, deployment and updating.


We are very proud of our company, our people and our work. Below are a few statistics we thought you might be interested in. Why not be part of our success - contact us today.

2004 - Started in Denmark in 2004 and moved to the UK in 2008 - we have been trading for 13 years.

14 Employees to date and growing.

2 Great locations - UK and Bangalore

24*7 - The hours cover we provide for our hosting & application support customers.

The number of contacts our customers need in our company to handle all support (you get a dedicated and named person to support you during your project and whilst in maintenance)