We have a policy that we don't use 3rd parties - we only use Jack Software group companies - this allows us to maintain the quality and integrity of the work that we complete. We take security of your intellectual property as well as any sensitive data very seriously - we use ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards to ensure we implement, review and update

By using only our own people we can ensure that they are only working for you, that we have trained them not only on technical skills but also communication, SEO and legal considerations which all affect your business.

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To be the best we need to recruit, train and retain the best people. This starts with our recruitment process - we use a multi stage recruitment process whereby we of course check our candidates have the necessary technical and communication skills before we put them through their paces. We ensure they can work as part of a team as well as individually, we research home life(often in person), perform criminal and perform educational and reference checks.

Once they are onboarded we ensure they are inducted to ensure they have the necessary skills they said they had, their communication is sufficient and they are trained by our in-house team on SEO, Communication and Legal topics. During this probationary period we monitor all work and progress to ensure we address any issues early - our employees really appreciate this transparent, open and fair process to employment - we are sure you will too.

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All of our team members are assessed on joining where we create an individual training plan based on our technical training paths. These training paths we have tailored to meet the needs of our business and that of our employees - it allows our team to clearly see the progression path for their skillset.

We invest in variety of forms of training which includes, one-to-one training, self-paced, casestudies and CBT's. We find our employees learn in different ways and by offering the same information in a variety of ways ensures that everyone has access in a format that suits them - this is just part of the committment we make to our team as we expect them to be the best.

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Communication ranges from spoken/written English all the way through to communication through behaviour. All of our team have excellent written/spoken English, however we offer additional training and support to employees who request support. We communicate with our customers using Instant Messaging - which allows us to have group calls as well as chatting instantly. We can share images and ask questions as though we were in the same room - albeit we have a document of what we agreed.

We use a basic but effective pattern for communication between ourselves and with our customers - it's based on the principle of understanding, confirmation and follow up. We listen, we confirm our understanding and then we follow up at regular intervals with our customers to provide feedback/status updates. If you need to ask for a status update then we aren't doing our job!

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We take great pains to recruit the best, train to be the best and keeping our employees happy and working for you is an essential part of our promise to you. We understand the risks of investing in a resource that understands your business, your needs and your application only to have the resource leave your account. We make assurances to ensure that we keep your resources allocated to your account for as long as you would like them. We cant plan for every eventuality but we will ensure we always have a suitable backup available should you require one.

Our scalable team can support a wide variety of demands to support your business, we can only do this do to our retention policy. It's simple we treat our team fairly so you only get the best treatment.

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We utilise the best network connectivity, with redundant connections to ensure we can keep working - our working environment is as important to us as it is to your business. We implement constant reviews to ensure we operate in the best environment - a good working environment favours the best work. We implement a number of policies such as favouring smaller rooms to allow our teams to concentrate on their work.

Your dedicated team will all be seated close to each other with a technical management team that is available to ask questions and support. We encourage our team to share any problems they might have and help others with technical/non-technical issues.

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