With 2.4million emails sent every second, it's clear that email plays an important part of our lives. Socially we organise our lives, receive notifications of important events and even use email to communicate within our families. Work email has taken on a new meaning, with almost every mobilephone becoming a client to access, read, reply and create new emails at the touch of a few buttons. This places into our customers hands the power to send us businesses communications at any hour of the day - there is also an expectation that we will have a team of people dedicated to responding to the email no later than 24 hours later. Whilst for the largest companies that is practical - for most of us it's simply not practical or feasible. That's why at Jack Software we work with businesses to understand their customers, understand the needs they have for communication and offer a range of self service options or automated assistants to help you out.

Of course we don't want to replace all email - after all we will usually all accept that large order sent via email rather than via our website. In our experience some businesses we encounter take a very light view of the email and it's importance - this leads them to make poor decisions when choosing a provider. We review below some cases where you can challenge yourself - how long could your business last without email or like most businesses do your employees use their mailbox as a form of document organisation? What happen's when they leave - can you keep for the required 6 years. Our consultants are happy to discuss any concerns, explain simple processes you can implement and help you implement those should you require help - contact us today.

Common Questions

Q: Who uses email these days?

As we all forget how to physically write it appears that email and social media is here to play a part in our lives for the foreseeable future. For the business email plays a critical part in communication, with employees, between staff, with suppliers and with customers - we expect all inbound emails to reach us quickly and all outbound emails to find their recipient without issue.

Q: What is the impact if my email isn’t working for an hour, day, week?

This is a useful experiment to ask yourself using your business as a reference, let's say your email was delayed - what would be the impact for an hour, a day and a week. We would image that an hour might be workable - a day challenging and a week would mean major impact to your business. Now let's say it wasn't delayed email but lost email - how many customers are awaiting a reply, how many orders have been lost? Email plays a critical business role and often companies are relaxed about its casual use and implementation - anti-virus and junk folders have become the norm but for an SMB considering backing up data, retention policies for legal reasons, handling employees leaving (and not taking critical data stored in their email) and other topics can be a drain. Often handing over responsibility to a generic email provider (Office365, Google, 1and1, GoDaddy etc) provides little comfort as you are at the mercy of the company to determine where they will store your data and how it will be handled. Our aim here is not to scare but enlighten as to some of the areas of business email that we help our customers with on a daily basis - all without them needing to know the difference between an MX record and delta backup.



We supply secure, UK hosted email services to business who require a reliable - fully serviced email offering from 1 to 500 people. Our email is accessible from your phone, laptop and via webmail and we have options to include Calendars and others features.


Our experienced team will ensure that your website/application is not only optimised for performance but also provides integrated monitoring/reporting - an application that self determines when something has gone wrong can quickly notify our support team to take action before your customers become aware of any issues.

Full Service

We offer a one stop shop for all of your development, hosting and support needs. We also provide hosting and support only services where we haven't developed the website/application - you wont find better value and better customer service anywhere else - we promise!.