Having a great looking website that advertises your business is great - but if nobody can find it then what's the point. When we move house we pain-stakingly let everyone we know have all the details, we update royal mail and try to take our beloved number with us. Well a website is much the same, we have a series of components that when they work well together ensure your website can be found quickly and easily.

Apart from your Domain Name (example and your Web Server (perhaps hosted by ourselves) your provider needs to take care of something called DNS - below we explore the importance of these three components working well together. At Jack Softwarewe can take care of all of these details - or if we are only looking after part of your service, we ensure you have the support needed to make it all work together - seamless

Common Questions

Q: What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System - each website generally has one or more URL (Universal Resource Locator) which is the equivalent of an office telephone number (every hosting provider has one or more of these telephone numbers to identify them - these are unique and technically called IP addresses). DNS allows the URL to be mapped to an IP address, so your customers web browser knows where to head on the internet to find your website. This also works for email - you will have a specific DNS setting that allows mail providers to know which IP address to send your email (Jack Software, Yahoo, Google, Office etc).

Q: Is it important?

Extremely - you can of course give out the ip address of your website to customers but who will remember a series of 4 numbers (e.g. - therefore having a memorable domain name and having DNS map that to the IP address is preferable. For mail it is a must as you cant tell all potential customers of your IP address in advance - that's technically not possible. You want your customers to be able to reach you quickly either via Email, App or Website - we find most customers wont wait if a website takes longer than 3 second to load - and worse if they get a cannot find the site error they will assume you are no longer in business!.

Q: What influences the availability of my website?

There are a number of systems that have to be functioning between your customer and your website, some of which you can control and others you cant. For example the customers device or internet connection - if that isnt stable then we can only hope they will reach your site. You can however positively influence the times when a customer who has an internet connection and wants to find your business, that they do.

  • Ensuring your hosting provider offers a large connection to the internet (known as bandwidth) - you dont want to have delays due to the volume of your competitors customers - is a critical factor.
  • Ensuring your hosting provider has sufficient space on the webserver that hosts your site to display your website quickly and without error - this can be a complex area but any decent hosting provider should be able to guide based on your needs - we do for example.
  • Ensuring your website is optimised for the customers device and sends only what is required - often websites send everything which causes longer running times - by planning at development time this can usually be avoided. After all you have managed to get the customer to your site, you dont want them to abandon due to long wait times!.



We use a range of scalable hosting options that allow you to scale up and down your website as demand requires - our 24*7 monitoring team ensure that your system is accessible and operating. We offer a range of designs/architectures including small scale single website hosting, load balanced highly available and private cloud options.


Our experienced team will ensure that your website/application is not only optimised for performance but also provides integrated monitoring/reporting - an application that self determines when something has gone wrong can quickly notify our support team to take action before your customers become aware of any issues.

Full Service

We offer a one stop shop for all of your development, hosting and support needs. We also provide hosting and support only services where we haven't developed the website/application - you wont find better value and better customer service anywhere else - we promise!.