The Cloud in IT is either something you know a little, alot or nothing about - in most cases typical business users will already be using the cloud without realising they are. Microsoft Windows uses OneDrive which securely stores your files onto a series of data stores located on the Microsoft Cloud. Where the lines between the Cloud and Internet and World Wide Web blur we detail a little below

Jack Software specialise in offering private and public cloud infrastructure to the SMB market ensuring that all businesses have access to the benefits the Cloud has to offer. Our consultants can explain the difference between the options or simply ask a series of questions where we will determine your requirements and make suggestions based on your current as-is position and any possible to-be positions (growth, acquisition, technology changes etc). Most of our customers trust us to take care of their infrastructure and hosting requirements - leaving us to ensure we meet their needs every single day.

Below we detail some typical questions and answers relating to the Cloud - for more information don't hesitate to contact our friendly UK team.

Common Questions

Q: What is the cloud?

Apart from the physical reference to the water vapour in the sky - The Cloud is often the term referred to a series of computers/servers located somewhere where the user isnt located. Different to the internet/world-wide-web the cloud is often controlled by a single company who make available a series of resources (servers etc) to host applications.

Q: Why do I care about the cloud?

The Cloud can offer a great opportunity to provide business functionality to your customers/employees without the need to host and maintain your own servers, using a Cloud provider to provision a series of servers for your IT team to use (or perhaps for the providers IT team to provide on your behalf). You probably don't need to ever worry about The Cloud unless you are an IT manager, however if your provider stores your data remotely (from where you are located) then you certainly need to consider the responsibilities for that data. As a company you are responsible under law to protect any sensitive information you hold about any person, not to mention protecting your company's asset - the details of your employees, customers and prospects. Our strict data policies ensure its clear what data we will store on your behalf, we provide a choice of storage location (London being the default) and restrict access to only those people who require the data. We reguarly review our processes for best practice and ensure that we exceed all UK requirements for storage of data.



We use a range of scalable hosting options that allow you to scale up and down your website as demand requires - our 24*7 monitoring team ensure that your system is accessible and operating. We offer a range of designs/architectures including small scale single website hosting, load balanced highly available and private cloud options.


Our experienced team will ensure that your website/application is not only optimised for performance but also provides integrated monitoring/reporting - an application that self determines when something has gone wrong can quickly notify our support team to take action before your customers become aware of any issues.

Full Service

We offer a one stop shop for all of your development, hosting and support needs. We also provide hosting and support only services where we haven't developed the website/application - you wont find better value and better customer service anywhere else - we promise!.