Search Engine Optimisation is the term used to describe a process of ensuring your website appears near the top of search results that relate to your business. There are many factors which influence this, and the challenge is increased as search engines regularly change the way they determine who should be near the top. We offer a full range of SEO services to support your business, we always start with a discussion to ensure we understand what your goals are. Find more details below of the example services and key topics that influence search rankings.


Our expert team will examine your current website and produce a detailed SEO analysis on key health indicators relating to 12 key areas. We will report back the keywords your site is promoting, current rankings and other key information that indicates how well your site is performing. We also make some recommendations in terms of improvement activity – you can complete these, some of these or we can support you further on completing as many of these as necessary. Contact us for a no obligation discussion.

We offer to update your website to ensure it is compliant with the best practices for giving you the best chance of increasing your search ranking. As google and other search engines change the way they review rankings each year it’s important to review often and take small actions frequently. Changes can often be made simply and quickly, but of course this depends on the current state of your website – we always perform an SEO analysis and identify the gaps between your current site and an optimised site. We internally train our team to ensure they remain at the top of their game – after all you want the best to become the best. We offer everything from single changes to ongoing support to remove the burden of technology – after all nobody wants to pay to be at the top of searches if they can get there for free – do they? Contact us for a no obligation discussion.

Driving customers to your site without advertising is often best performed by having great content either on your site or on linked social media sites. Our UK based team can provide articles, blog posts and professionally written pages that reflect on your business identity and support your SEO needs. Great content will keep customers coming back and attract potential customers, it also plays a part in the ranking of your website. Fresh content is key to repeat business and the perception that your business is fresh, updated and available to serve (old posts can be a major negative buying signal to customers). If you are a proficient writer we also offer review and update services to take your words, comment on possible changes and make SEO suggestions. We offer a no commitment review of your needs and one-off, weekly, annual, and other packages to ensure you can focus on your business.

Social Media is starting to take a more important role in search rankings, as the likes of google measure the content relevance, number of followers and other metrics to add weight to your search ranking (let’s face it everybody wants to be first page). We offer a range of services that include; analysing your current social media strategy and providing suggestions/feedback using our scorecard, providing content posts on an ad-hoc and regular basis to support your sales activity & SEO needs as well as providing a strategy proposal and managing all your social media in support of your business. We understand how important immediate information is important to your customers and how draining this can be on a business, we provide tools & support to allow this management in a cost-effective manner. Your business will move from a few posts and a few followers to allowing inbound communications, controlled regular posts and a regular community following and promoting your business in no time.