Jack Software provides some of the most effective and efficient Application Development Services in India. We offer App Development Services for Business and Startup to engage users effectively.

Customer Management

Managing your prospects, present and past customers is critical for any business, we can implement a solution that meets your specific needs but is based on an freely available base product (e.g. SugarCRM).

Business Planning

Ensuring that you have visibility of how your business is performing at different stages can be tricky, we provide tools to reduce the headache of planning using historical data about your business to predict what you will need, when you will need it.

Financial Planning

Money makes the world go round and cashflow is critical for any business - we can provide a solution tailored to your specific needs - often integrating with your existing systems to provide a financial overview and reporting solution.

Time Management

Employee's are often a businesses most important asset - ensuring you can spot patterns of absences can help reduce long term sick as well as ensuring you are paying your employees inline with the hours worked.

Sales Planning

A few customers with a long sales process or lots of customers with a short process - every business is different - we implement a single solution to allow you to manage the sales process as your business intends to sell - not based on a standard tool.


Our experienced team will listen to your specific business challenges and support you through the design, development and deployment stages to provide a clear differentiator between you and your competitors - your customers expect the best and so do you.


We offer applications and support for delivery in a number of ways, unsure which is suitable - don't worry we can suggest the most suitable based on your needs, requirements and technical capabilities.


We provide the application, database files and any other configuration with a handy install guide. You host on your own provider or your own server.


We host a wide variety of applications requiring Linux/Windows operating systems and a variety of architectures. Most database types are supported and we can ensure your environment is highly available


Software as a Service means that we host the application and charge you a set fee based on a licensing model - ideal for when you don't want to shoulder all the costs of an application but want to pay per use


We are very proud of our company, our people and our work. Below are a few statistics we thought you might be interested in. Why not be part of our success - contact us today.

2004 - Started in Denmark in 2004 and moved to the UK in 2008 - we have been trading for 13 years.

14 Employees to date and growing.

2 Great locations - UK and Bangalore

24*7 - The hours cover we provide for our hosting & application support customers.

The number of contacts our customers need in our company to handle all support (you get a dedicated and named person to support you during your project and whilst in maintenance)